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BIM for Masonry

BIM is an acronym that stands for an object, a "building information model" and also a process for creating and using that object, "building information modeling". The BIM model provides a digital representation of the building, so that the modeling and analysis tools used by architects, engineers, constructors, managers and owners can read from and write to the same information source.

BIM is expanding quickly within the construction industry worldwide. However, the masonry industry is not well represented. Therefore, there is a need to develop BIM tools for masonry to maintain market share. With that intent, an Initiative was formed in 2012 specifically to advance BIM for masonry.

The Building information Modeling for Masonry Initiative is an international effort between the masonry industries of the United States and Canada. It is identifying barriers to and strategies for the full implementation of masonry materials and systems into BIM software for the design and construction industries.

Our commitment to BIM-M is an indication of the professionalism and dedication of the masonry industry to the modernization of the construction industry.

BIM-M Fundraising

The Executive Committee has set a target budget of $2.5 million for Phases II, III and IV of the BIM-M development through 2017. While this is based upon information derived from the concrete and structural steel industries, it is still an estimate.

Funds Received and Committed Funds Received